Making Aid Work: Security and Development in the Kyrgyz Republic

Making Aid Work: Security and Development in the Kyrgyz Republic

Video Link Bishkek-London

Friday, 23 November 2012

Chairs London: Sally N. Cummings, University of St Andrews, Balihar Sanghera, University
of Kent, John Collis, Kyrgyz-British Society

Bishkek: Maxim Ryabkov, OSCE Academy in Bishkek

The international donor community has provided considerable aid to post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan for its development. In particular, Kyrgyzstan's location in Fergana Valley and turbulent political and social context marked with revolutions and ethnic clashes have drawn donors' attention to conflict management and peace-building. However, the effectiveness of donors' efforts have been exposed to serious criticism in light of such issues as donor competition and difficulties in building partnerships with the central and local government. The aim of the video conference in London and Bishkek is to bring together international and local academics and practitioners to discuss the effectiveness of aid on development and security in Kyrgyzstan, to shed insights into the areas of concern, and to identify lessons learned for further improvement of aid effectiveness.
The summary of the discussion will be published as a Policy Brief by the OSCE Academy.

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