Understanding Central Asian Islam

Understanding Central Asian Islam

The idea of the seminar, which was first time held in 2011, is to bring together the leading experts on Central Asian Islam and the young Central Asian scholars to discuss the concept of Islam in the regional context. Islam in Central Asia continues to be an exciting field of research as well as a contentious political topic. The current discourses on religion in the region are characterized by essentialist and securitized readings of religious practices, as well as confusion between theological dispute and scholarly research on religion as a social phenomenon. Overcoming these tendencies in order to provide also relevant policy advice, requires a sound conceptualization of religion, understanding of its social context, as well as validity of observations of religious behavior.

This annual seminar is open for young Central Asian researchers as well as those whose professional work is connected with the topic.


Seminar Programmes for Past Years 

Programme of the Workshop "Understanding Central Asian Islam: Contemporary Research Standards" (12-13 September 2013)

Programme of the Workshop "Remembering the start of the Civil War in Tajikistan" ( 5-7 September 2012)

Programme of the Workshop "Understanding Central Asian Islam - Contemporary Perspectives on Research" (25-26 August 2011)

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