Admission Regulations for the MA Programmes

Admission Regulations 2019-2020

Oct - 15 Jan The Academy receives application forms, copies of diplomas and transcripts. Incomplete applications are not considered! Late submitted applications are not considered!

Late February The Academy shortlists applicants satisfying the following basic criteria: the completeness of the application; the relevance of the candidates’ academic background to the Programmes; the presence of a meaningful personal statement, and the Academy’s age criterion. In case the academic background is not relevant, we look at relevant work experience as a compensating factor.

March - May Written tests are conducted for shortlisted applicants. Tests are conducted in English only and consist of two parts: English language test, multiple choice test and essay on specialization. Overall, the written tests take 1 – 2 hr.  Tests are normally conducted at the OSCE Academy in Bishkek (for applicants residing in Kyrgyzstan) and in the capitals of Central Asian republics and Afghanistan, for those residing in these countries. No make-up tests are conducted. The Academy doesn’t cover travel expenses of applicants coming for the tests and interviews.

Based on the results of written tests, the OSCE Academy invites best qualified applicants for the interview.  The selection committee consists of the academic management and faculty of the OSCE Academy, a representative of the OSCE Centers or other representatives of international organizations. Selection criteria is based on a variety of factors such as educational background and relevant professional experience, proven academic excellence and leadership qualities, applicants  general motivation and future career potential, communication, interpersonal and language skills.

End of May Final decisions are based on the following criteria:
- Multiple choice test and essay on specialization
- English grammar test
- Interview

The OSCE Academy reserves the right to change the periods and deadlines of the admission process.

Only successful candidates will be contacted for tests and interviews!

The OSCE Academy accepts maximum 25-30 students per year per Programme from all Central Asian countries, Afghanistan, Mongolia and OSCE participating states. Based on the interview, the Final Admission Committee will make a final decision on whom to admit to the Programmes out of applicants, invited for the interview.

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