• Dr Nurgul Ukueva

    Teaching Fellow

    Course taught: Macroeconomics, Statistics, Econometrics, Economic Effects of Migration

  • Dr Gordana Pesakovic

    Visiting Lecturer

    Course taught: Industrial policy

  • Dr David Grant

    Teaching Fellow

    Course taught: Economic Governance and Regulation

  • Dr Lukasz Gruszczynski

    Visiting Lecturer

    Course taught: International and Regional Trade Arrangements

  • Mr Jonathon Hornbrook

    Visiting Lecturer

    Courses taught: Economy of Border Management and Transport Routs

  • Dr Nazgul Jenish

    Senior Lecturer

    Course taught: Microeconomics, Research Methods and Research Design, International Development

  • Dr Nurbek Jenish

    Teaching Fellow

    Course taught: International Financial System

  • Dr Bedelbai Mamadiev

    Teaching Fellow

    Economics and Regulation of Energy Sector

  • Dr. Anja Mihr

    DAAD Visiting Professor

    Course taught: Good Governance in Central Asia

  • Dr Indra Overland

    Visiting Lecturer

    Course taught: Energy Politics

  • Dr Jo Thori Lind

    Visiting Lecturer

    Course taught: Economics of Sustainable Development

  • Ernist Turdubaev

    Visiting Lecturer

    Course taught: Project Management

  • Dr Roman Vakulchuk

    Visiting Lecturer

    Course taught: International Economic Indices and Economy Rankings

  • Ms Diana Biba

    Part-time Instructor

    Course taught: Academic Writing