Admission FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (Admission)

When is the deadline for applying for the MA in Economic Governance and Development Programme 2017-2018?
March 15, 2018

What documents should be submitted for the MA in Economic Governance and Development Programme?
An application form, a copy of diploma with transcripts

Should my diploma and transcripts be certified by notaries?
No, we don’t need your documents to be certified by notaries at this stage.

Will my diploma and transcripts be accepted if they are in languages other than English, Russian or Kyrgyz?
No. Your diploma/transcripts must be translated into English or Russian and the translation should be signed and stamped by your university (department).

Am I eligible for the programme (scholarship) if I don’t have diploma yet, but I am on my last year of studies?
If you plan to receive your diploma before the start of our academic year (1 September), you are eligible to apply. Instead of diploma you must submit an official letter from the university clarifying expected date and year of your graduation. Your transcripts should be attached.

How does admission process organized at the OSCE Academy?
Admission process consists of several stages: 1) shortlisting of appropriate candidates; 2) written tests; 3) interview. For more information please read admission regulations. 

Will I be notified if I don’t pass the first stage?
No. Due to large numbers of applications, the OSCE Academy doesn’t inform unsuccessful candidates during the first stage. Only successful candidates will be notified.

Can I apply if I am above 35 years old?
No. The scholarship is available only to those who fit our age restrictions.

Am I eligible for the programme if I am from non-OSCE member country?
No. Only applicants from the OSCE member countries can apply. Priority is given to applicants from all five Central Asian countries, Afghanistan, and Mongolia. Applicants from other OSCE member countries are accepted on a limited basis.

Do you require TOEFL or IELTS scores?
No. The OSCE Academy doesn’t require any of these tests. The OSCE Academy will conduct its own written exams after applicants pass the first round. See more on this in admission regulations.

How many letters of recommendations should I send?
Don’t send any recommendation letters. The MA in Economic Governance and Development Programme does not accept any recommendation letters any more.

How much does the tuition cost at the OSCE Academy?
Education is free of charge. Additionally, all accepted students receive full scholarship and other support.

What is the language of teaching at the OSCE Academy?
Official language of instruction is English. All courses are taught in English.

Does the OSCE Academy offer part-time or evening courses?
No. The OSCE Academy does not offer part-time or evening degree courses.

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