Current Students


To successfully graduate from the OSCE Academy, students are required to earn 92 academic credits and pass graduation examinations. The credits are awarded for successful completion of the courses, MA thesis and internship.

The Programme offers two types of courses: full-term courses and modules.

Full-term courses run throughout the entire semester and they are designed to broaden theoretical knowledge of students and strengthen their analytical and research skills.
Modules (modular courses) are one or two-week short-term courses, intensively scheduled and taught by experts in a certain field. Modules deliver a practice-oriented approach and allow students to practice their knowledge using real-life examples under the topics assigned for each class.

In order to qualify for the MA degree, students must acquire minimum of 92 credits, have GPA of more than 2.00, and meet other requirements set by the Academy.

Graduation Requirements Credits
Full-term Courses 44 credits
Modules 16 credits
Internship 12 credits
MA Thesis 20 credits
TOTAL credits to be earned (min) 92 credits


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