Students Safety


Students of the Academy are advised to follow the following safety and security tips:

Always carry the OSCE Academy ID card. Additionally, international students are advised to keep a copy of passport, including the pages that show valid visa and registration (do not carry your passport unless it is needed);

Always keep phone numbers of the OSCE CiB Security Officers and the relevant Programme staff handy;

Familiarize yourself with the OSCE CiB Secuirty Advisory, which is available at the department and handed out on Orientation Day;

Promptly inform Academic Assistant of the Programme of any address and phone changes while studying in Bishkek;

On arrival, promptly leave full emergency contact information at the department. This should include full address, phone numbers, and full name and relationship of the person who should be contacted during emergency.

In case of emergency, international students can contact their relevant embassies:

Embassy of Afghanistan in Bishkek

Embassy of Kazakhstan in Bishkek

Embassy of Tajikistan in Bishkek

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Bishkek

Mongolian Consulate General in Bishkek


In case of sickness and medical emergency, foreign students, who are eligible for medical insurance, should contact "Rosstrah Kyrgyzstan" at the following address:

Rosstrah Kyrgyzstan - Росстрах Кыргызстан
Abdrahmanova street, 176/1 - ул. Абдрахманова, 176/1
Bishkek - г. Бишкек
Phone: +996 (312) 93-73-78 (79)


Ms Aleksandra Evrash
Mob: +996 779 24 64 76

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