Policy Brief on "The Effect of the EEU on Business Community in Kyrgyzstan"


On 19 February a new Policy Brief "The Effect of the EEU on Business Community in Kyrgyzstan" by Lydia Chikalova came out in Russian language. The author's Key points discussed in the Brief are:

- The investment climate has chances for improvement, when the judicial and legal mechanisms for foreign funds will devlope and local investment market will have the precedents of successful cases.

- The experience of entrepreneurs who invested in the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic, showed that there is no culture of foreign direct investment in the country and trade. In today's market there are no positive examples of establishing new partnerships with foreign donors.

- The problem that Kyrgyzstan faces today is not a problem of accession to the EEA, but the economic growth and conditions for business development and attraction of investments. Low competitiveness of industrial goods is one of the main business tasks. After elimination obstacles preventing entrepreneurs from entering the market the positive changes can be expected.

Lydia Chikalova, an international journalist, covers geopolitical and economic news of Central Asia. She is a graduate of the OSCE Academy in the field of Politics and Security of 2016. She also graduated from the department of International Journalism of St. Petersburg State University. Actively engaged in integration of international standards of education in Kyrgyzstan together with the University of Central Asia.


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