Guest Lecture by Lead Economist of the World Bank


On 29 November Mr. David Michael Gould, Lead Economist of the World Bank Europe and Central Asian Region delivered a lecture on “Critical Connections: Promoting Economic Growth and Resilience in Europe and Central Asia” to Academy students of the Economic Governance and Development Programme. Mr. Gould presented the report on this year’s World Bank’s flagship report – “Critical Connectivity”, written by him and his colleagues from the World Bank and outside contributors and explained its importance. “As you all know the recent global crisis, the oil price shocks have led a lot of people in the region to question some of the fundamental aspects of the benefits of the connectivity and this report tries to understand what those developments are.”- explained Mr. Gould. He also elaborated on Europe’s and Central Asia’s (ECA) connectivity; how the connections transfer knowledge; the infrastructure that facilitates flows of knowledge; multidimensional connectivity and how it relates to economic growth; the shocks and the ways they are transmitted to other countries; and respective policies and their implications.

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