First NUPI-OSCE Academy Research Mentorship Internal Workshop


On 12 January the first NUPI-OSCE Academy Research Mentorship Internal Workshop took place at the Academy. This Research Mentoring programme was launched in summer 2018 and engages six OSCE Academy alumni. Mentees work jointly with Mentors at NUPI and will publish one academic article in a peer-reviewed journal in 2019. After publishing their articles, Mentees will present the results of their work at international academic events. During the workshop, alumni presented the current stage of their works on:

• Farkhod Aminjonov “Energy Security, Political and Socio-Economic Dimensions of Hydrobalancing in Central Asia.
• Dilfuza Kurolova “Climate Change in Central Asia: Political, Economic and Social Consequences.
• Aiperi Otunchieva “Renewable Energy in the Former Soviet Union.
• Harry Roberts "Energy in the Caspian Region."
• Daniyar Moldokanov "Big Powers in Central Asia and Their Economic Influence."
• Javlon Juraev “Distribution of Renewable Energy Resources vs. Fossil Fuel Reserves across Countries.

The presentations were followed by discussion and feedback from programme participants, Mentors and Academy faculty members Dr. Anja Mihr and Dr. Emil Joraev.

This programme is coordinated by Dr. Indra Overland, Head of the Energy Programme, and Dr. Roman Vakulchuk, Senior Research Fellow, NUPI.


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