CADGAT: Launch of new datasets


On 14 January the “CADGAT: Launch of new Datasets” seminar took place at the OSCE Academy. The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and the OSCE Academy established the Central Asia Data-Gathering and Analysis Team (CADGAT) in 2009. The purpose of CADGAT is to produce new cross-regional data on Central Asia that can be freely used by researchers, journalists, NGOs and government employees inside and outside the region.

The seminar was opened by Dr. Alexander Wolters, Director of the OSCE Academy and moderated by Dr. Roman Mogilevskii, Associate Director and Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Public Policy & Administration, University of Central Asia. To give participants a general idea about the project, Dr. Indra Overland, Research Professor and Head of the Energy Programme at NUPI explained what CADGAT is and how it works.

The first report presented was on “China’s Belt and Road initiative in Central Asia from a Project-Level Perspective” by Dr. Farkhod Aminjonov, Assistant Professor, College of Humanities and Social Science, Zayed University, followed by a report on “Development of Renewable Energy in Central Asia” from Dr. Bahtiyor Eshchanov, a senior lecturer in Economics at Westminster International University in Tashkent. The seminar was concluded by Dr. Roman Vakulchuk, Senior Research Fellow at NUPI, who discussed with the auditory the future topics for CADGAT.

Existing CADGAT datasets can be accessed at

The video recording of the seminar is available on our You Tube Channel:


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