OSCE Recruiters conduct Online Recruitment Bootcamp for Alumni


On June 24 the OSCE Academy had its second virtual alumni workshop on "Preparing an Application and Preparing for Interviews with International Organizations" led by the OSCE Recruitment team – Mr. Gustavo Araujo, Chief Recruiter and Head of Talent Acquisition; Saltanat Tursungazieva and Pavel Nalimov, from Talent Acquisition Team.

The event consisted of two sessions. The first was about the application process to international organizations. The trainers explained how to understand the job description and complete activities to better adapt future applications based on their backgrounds and interests. The second part was devoted to the question of why Competency-Based Interviews are used in the recruitment process across the globe. The presentation was followed by the practical exercise allowing participants to put themselves in shoes of recruiters and candidates for a better understanding of what is expected from candidates during the interviews.  

Overall 19 alumni from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan participated in the virtual workshop and improved their knowledge of the job application process. This workshop was conceived as part of the annual Alumni Survey, where our graduates shared the topics of their interest and practical skills they would like to enhance or use for their professional development.

The OSCE Academy is grateful to the OSCE Recruitment Team for its support of Academy activities targeted at students and alumni.


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