Interactive Alumni Workshop on Digital Tools and Challenges


On 24 July the OSCE Academy had its third alumni interactive workshop on Digital Tools and Challenges Amid the Global Pandemic led by the OSCE AiB alumnus of 2013, Politics and Security Programme, Mr. Rashid Gabdulhakov. The workshop aimed to broaden theoretical perspectives and practical approaches of participants while empowering and encouraging them to generate new strategic knowledge on the subject matter.

The participants and the trainer discussed important security, infrastructural and behavioural changes that rose as part of the online shift of lots of spheres caused by the pandemic. The alumni discussed issues of privacy and surveillance, assessed the so-called ‘digital twins’, explored state-citizen and citizen-to-citizen relations amid current global transformations.

Overall 15 alumni from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan participated in the virtual workshop. This workshop was conceived as part of the annual Alumni Survey, where the graduates shared the topics of their interest and practical skills they would like to enhance or use for their professional development.


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