ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: OSCE AiB alumna-initiated grass-root project to save hundreds of lives in remote Tajikistan


We are the Pamiri Youth Network team - we have initiated a fundraising campaign to purchase an oxygen generator that will provide oxygen to hospitals in three remote areas of Tajikistan, namely Rasht, GBAO and Khatlon.

Oxygen production equipment (oxygen generator) and personal protective equipment are extremely vital for these regions. As a result, we have partnered with the Community Initiative Programme of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for matched funding! Subject to all reporting requirements met, all donations will be DOUBLED by EBRD! The oxygen generator costs over £100,000, but as the total amount will be doubled, we need to collect at least £50,000.

To support this fundraising, we are organising a number of events such as concerts and workshops.

The team was created recently and quite accidentally. The team consists of eight girls from Tajikistan, who currently study and work in the UK, Canada, and France. The whole story started when COVID-19 was announced in Russia. As everyone knows, the COVID-19 outbreak even eliminated the basic income stream of migrant families. Talking with friends and relatives about the problems caused by COVID-19, we heard many heart-breaking stories about the problems families were facing.

Gulazor, one of the team members shared in our WhatsApp chat, where we often talk, in one word solve "important issues", the story of one migrant family in Moscow. The story was that a young mother had to make her child’s baby food with water because she did not have the material means to buy milk. Since both she and her husband are migrants, during the quarantine they lost their jobs and had no access to any state benefits. Very saddened by this story, we decided to send some money to support migrants in Moscow. But we understood that this amount would be a drop in the ocean.

Then Zarina, who is also a member of our team, offered to launch a fundraising campaign through the GoFundMe platform to try to raise more money in this way. Everyone supported the idea and we started working on it. As we understood that the money should be raised as soon as possible, we put all our efforts into fundraising.

Sometimes we slept for 3-4 hours a day, we were in touch 24/7, informing each other about all the details of fundraising. Also, we often joked that very soon we would be kicked out of our universities, because at the same time we are studying, we are taking coursework, etc. However, understanding the necessity and importance of our help gave us the strength to move forward despite the hardships and difficulties.
As a result, the first fundraising that we launched in April was successful, we raised CAD18,199, although the target was 15,000. Work on the first fundraising is still underway. In May, our team sent CAD 3,641.25 to Khairu Barakat and CAD 4,211.69 were sent to Nur LLC. Under an agreement with Nur LLC, the rest will be transferred after they use the first tranche. These funds are used to provide for migrant family’s food and necessities. Visual graphics and media about the work and support provided in Moscow can be found on our pages in social networks.

In parallel with the implementation of the raised funds for the first fundraising, we focus on raising funds for the second fundraising. We are working to reach a target of £50,000. The second fund-raising is certainly more ambitious, but we understand that the final goal will indeed make a significant contribution to supporting hospitals in remote areas of Tajikistan and providing them with uninterrupted oxygen. Before launching this fund-raising, we talked to dozens of doctors from remote areas of Tajikistan and they all supported our initiative. By accumulating funds in our second fundraising account, we have raised approximately £13,000 so far, but we believe we will reach the target.


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