• Public Lecture on International Ranking and Rating Systems

    On 13 May 2015 the OSCE Academy held a public lecture by Alexander Cooley, professor of Columbia University in New York "The Emerging Politics of International Rankings" discussing the role of international indices and ratings in the global policy making processes.


  • Workshop on Prospects and Challenges of the Eurasian Economic Union

    On 11 May 2015 the OSCE Academy together with the University of St. Andrews hosted a public workshop on “Eurasian Economic Community: Prospects and Challenges”. The event was organized in the framework of the cooperation between two institutions and supported by the Marie Curie Fellowship in “Post-Soviet Tensions”.


  • Astana Chapter Meeting with Director of Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies

    On 4 May 2015 the Astana alumni chapter of the OSCE Academy met with Dr Erlan Karin, Director of the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of Kazakhstan (KazISS).


  • The 3rd Class of MA in Economic Governance and Development Graduates from the Academy

    On 29 April the OSCE Academy held a graduation ceremony for the 3rd class of the MA programme in Economic Governance and Development. Sixteen students from each Central Asian state and Afghanistan received their degree certificates, having successfully completed the academic courses, thesis defence and final examinations. The total number of the Academy’s alumni thus reached 308.


  • The Public Lecture on Turkish Foreign Policy

    On 28 April, 2015 the OSCE Academy hosted a public lecture by Prof. Maurus Reinkowski from the University of Basel who gave a speech on “Turkish Foreign Policy from Neo-Ottomanism to New Fragility”.


  • Alumni in Dushanbe gathered at a Chapter Meeting

    On 24 April 2015 OSCE Academy organized a meeting of its Dushanbe alumni chapter. Ten graduates of both MA programmes living and working in the capital city of Tajikistan gathered to meet with the OSCE Academy’s staff as well as the featured guest speakers, the Executive Director of Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia (EFCA) in Tajikistan, Mr Ravshan Abdullaev and the EFCA’s international team-member, Dr Artemy Kalinovsky of the University of Amsterdam.


  • Public Lecture on Nordic Cooperation

    On 24 April, 2015 the OSCE Academy hosted a public lecture by Mr. Victor W. Jensen, the Deputy Head of the Norwegian Embassy on "The Paradoxes and Premises of Nordic Cooperation".


  • School of Early Career Analysts

    The OSCE Academy entered into cooperation with the Bishkek-based Youth Development Institute and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation to organize a professional development training titled the School of Early Career Analysts.


  • Prof. Gleason Talks on the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

    On 10 April 2015 Professor Gregory Gleason from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and the George C. Marshall Center in Garmisch-Partenkirchen held a presentation at the OSCE Academy on “The Meaning of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)”.


  • Public Lecture on Kazakhstan’s Experience of Building a Market Economy

    On 9 April 2015 the Academy held a public lecture by Dr Roman Vakulchuk, senior researcher of the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, on “Kazakhstan’s Emerging Economy: Between State and Market”. The presentation was based on the book recently published by Dr Vakulchuk.