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News :: OSCE Academy in Bishkek


  • OSCE Academy has shifted to Distance Education and Work 

    From 18 March in accordance with the government's decision, the OSCE Academy is working remotely in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This resulted in the postponement of a number of activities planned for March and April, including the admission to the MA Programmes 2020-2021. Administration and relevant departments are working on the development of a new admission scheme and schedule. Current students of the MA Programmes continue their studies distantly in line with their curriculum.


  • Developing Partnership with the University of Central Asia in Naryn

    On 13 March the OSCE Academy was represented at the Employers Information Session at the University of Central Asia (UCA) Naryn campus. This event was organized as part of the Cooperative Education programme and served as a platform where undergraduate students could meet their potential employers from private business and IT companies, communication and media organizations, international organizations, banks, and financial service agencies.


  • Guest Lecture on "Conflict and Peace Analysis and Evaluation"

    On 12 March Mr. Romain Luscher, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, UN Peacebuilding Fund in Kyrgyzstan, delivered a guest lecture on "Conflict and Peace Analysis and Evaluation". In the course of the lecture Mr. Luscher reflected on some practical applications of research methodology and its importance for evaluation of conflict and peace scenarios.


  • Associate Research Fellow delivered Public Lecture on Geopolitics in Times of Information Confrontation

    On 3 February Ms. Lidia Chikalova, Associate Research Fellow at the OSCE Academy, delivered a Public Lecture on "Geopolitics in Times of Information Confrontation. The Middle Eastern Case. Series 1: Information Confrontation between Russia and the USA in Times of Syrian Conflict." The first part of the lecture was devoted to the literature review of information confrontation phenomenon, its definition and stages during the Syrian conflict.


  • Students and Director of the Academy took part in 2nd ECPR-OSCE/ODIHR Winter School on Political Parties and Democracy

    From 20 to 27 January, three MA students of the OSCE Academy and a recent graduate participated in the 2nd ECPR-OSCE/ODIHR Winter School on Political Parties and Democracy held in Warsaw. Academy Director Dr. Wolters also attended several days of the School and contributed as Discussant to the session on gender aspects in voting and women participation.


  • Visit of MA Students from Kazakh-German University for a Short Research Stay

    From 13 to 23 January the OSCE Academy hosted a group of nine MA students from the Kazakh-German University in Almaty, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, for a short research stay within the framework of cooperation between the OSCE Academy and Kazakh-German University.


  • Public Lecture “To Bring the State Back: Mining Conflicts and Struggles for Political Participation and Social Justice in Kyrgyzstan”

    On 12 December, Dr. Asel Doolotkeldieva, Post-Doc Researcher at the OSCE Academy, delivered a Public Lecture “To Bring the State Back: Mining Conflicts and Struggles for Political Participation and Social Justice in Kyrgyzstan.” During the lecture, Dr. Doolotkeldieva reviewed mining industry and mining governance in Kyrgyzstan.


  • Leadership Development Workshop for Alumni of the Academy

    On 12 December, the OSCE Academy organized the Leadership Development Workshop for alumni from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan of the MA Programmes working in managerial positions. This one-day intensive training was divided into two sessions. The first part was on gender mainstreaming in management strategy led by Ms. Gulnara Ibraeva, a prominent sociologist and expert on gender issues, where Ms. Ibraeva and the participants discussed basic concepts of gender equality, gender equity and gender mainstreaming in an interactive format.


  • Graduation Ceremony 2019: The Alumni Network welcomes 46 new Graduates

    On 13 December 46 students of the MA Programmes in Politics & Security and in Economic Governance & Development received their degrees and graduated from the OSCE Academy in Bishkek. Dr. Alexander Wolters, the Director of the OSCE Academy welcomed the members of the Diplomatic Corps, partners and donors as well as parents and friends of the graduates and gave an overview of the last 16 months that students spent at the OSCE Academy.


  • Public Lecture on " Women in STEM in Kyrgyzstan: Portrayal in the Mass Media Versus Advocacy Efforts"

    On 11 December, Ms. Nazik Mamedova, Junior Scholar at the OSCE Academy, delivered a Public Lecture on "Women in STEM in Kyrgyzstan: portrayal in the Mass Media Versus Advocacy Efforts." During the lecture, Ms. Mamedova provided an overview of the work of women in STEM (abbr. science, technology, engineering, math) in Kyrgyzstan by reviewing the most relevant research publications and statistical data available on the topic, as well analyzing implemented initiatives in this area.


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