Current Associate Research Fellows

Tamás Kozma

Research Topic: Turkmen Natural Gas in the European Energy Security Discourse: Perceptions, Outlooks, Realities Download Abstract

Tamás Kozma heads the Asian and African Relations Office of the Antall József Knowledge Centre, in Budapest, Hungary. Also he is a doctoral candidate in Geopolitics at the University of Pécs. Obtained his BA and MA degrees in International Relations at the Corvinus University of Budapest. His primary research interest is energy geopolitics in Turkey, South Caucasus, Central Asia, and in the broader Middle East. His doctoral dissertation is focusing on Turkey’s energy policy aspirations, its participation in international energy projects, and its energy-based cooperation with different countries. Tamás Kozma’s articles are published by the Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, by Turkish Policy Quarterly, and also by a number of Hungarian journals and textbooks.

Dr. Asel Doolotkeldieva

Research Topic: Islamic education in Central Asia

Dr. Asel Doolotkeldieva is an Assistant Professor at the American University in Central Asia. She obtained her PhD at the University of Exeter (UK). Her doctoral research was focused on the study of political change from below: protest politics in Kyrgyzstan. Asel holds her Master's degree from Sciences Po Paris (France). Her Master thesis was focused on the study of labor migration of Central Asians in Russia.
Asel has published on the topics of social mobilizations, religiosity and gender, democratization and institution-building, authoritarianism and rent-seeking of natural resources, and migration. Her current interest is focused on Islamic institutionalized and private education in Kyrgyzstan.

Dr. Aijan Sharshenova

   Research Topic: Arab Aid in Central Asia: A Study of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s Development Assistance in Kyrgyzstan Download Abstract

Dr. Aijan Sharshenova is an independent researcher based in Manama, Bahrain. Dr. Sharshenova obtained her PhD in Politics at the University of Leeds, UK. Her doctoral research focused on EU democracy promotion in Central Asia and will soon be published as book. 
Dr. Sharshenova holds Master’s degrees from the University of Leeds (2009), and the Institut für Europäische Politik and the Centre international de Formation européenne (2012). Previously, she has worked at the International Peace Institute, Middle East and North Africa, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, in democracy and development assistance projects in Kyrgyzstan, and provided research and communications consultancy internationally.
Dr. Sharshenova’s current research interests are in the area of South-South development cooperation. Her research interests also include democracy promotion, autocracy promotion, and development aid. Dr. Sharshenova’s regional expertise covers Central Asia, the European Union and, most recently, the Middle East and North Africa. Recently, Dr. Sharshenova published her book "The European Union’s Democracy Promotion in Central Asia: A Study of Political Interests, Influence, and Development in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in (So

viet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society)" availalbe on Amazon.

Miguel Iglesias Lopez


Research Topic: Geographies of European Security Cooperation in Central Asia Download Abstract

Miguel Iglesias Lopez is an Associate Research Fellow at the OSCE Academy and a PhD student in International Relations and Political Science from the Graduate Institute in Geneva (IHEID), where he obtained an MA in International Relations and Political Science. He has a BA in Political Science from the University of Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium. His doctoral research is centred on European security cooperation on the borders of Central Asia.  



Niva Yau Tsz Yan

Research Topic: The Belt and Road Initiative in Central Asia and South East Asia Download Abstract

Niva Yau Tsz Yan is an Associate Research Fellow at the OSCE Academy and a research Intern at the Belt and Road Strategic Research Centre (BRSRC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has a BSocSc in Politics (International Politics, Political Theory and Ethics) from the University of Hong Kong. Her current research project compares the Central Asian and South East Asian experience of the Belt and Road Initiative.



Olivier Korthals Altes

Research Topic: The policy-practice gap of European assistance of Security Sector Reform to Central Asia Download Abstract

Olivier Korthals Altes is an Associate Research Fellow at the OSCE Academy, and an Erasmus Mundus exchange student to Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Almaty. He’s enrolled in the MSc program Conflicts, Territories and Identities at his home institution Radboud University Nijmegen, and has a BA degree in History at the University Utrecht. At the OSCE Academy, Olivier conducts research for his master thesis on the policy-practice gap of European assistance of Security Sector Reform to Central Asia.




Research topic: Understanding Normative Implications of Development as Perceived and Experienced by  People in Post- Soviet Kyrgyzstan  Download Abstract

Aykokul is an Associate Research Fellow at the OSCE Academy and a PhD student in Anthropology and Sociology of Development at Geneva Graduate Institute. She has MA in Sociology and Social Anthropology with Specialization in Urban and Global Studies from the The Central European University and BA in Sociology from the American University of Central  Asia and Bard College. Aykokul also has a Pre-Degree Certificate in Tourism Guidance, Diploma of Higher Honor from the Vocational School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Kyrgyzstan-Turkey ''Manas'' University.

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