Dr. David Gergely Karas is a French-Hungarian political scientist and his trajectory was informed by diverse identities and experiences of mobility: He initially specialized in the sociology of nationalisms in post-Communist Europe studying how informal and illegal cross-border economic exchanges contradict essentialist ethnic identities in multiethnic borderlands. This proved a gateway for a growing interest in the political economy of development: Dr. Karas defended his PhD at the European University Institute in 2015 with a thesis on comparative developmental policies in post-Communist states in agro-food. He is particularly interested in the developmental role of the state in transnational markets and the impact of transnationalization on domestic political systems. As an educator, Dr. Karas taught IR and European politics at the Manipal University in India for two years and has been working as an academic consultant and lecturer in the Civil Society Leadership Awards program of Open Society Foundations since 2013, while also undertaking academic consultancies on development and public policy in Sub-Saharan Africa.