Short biography

Dr Vorobyeva received her PhD in International Relations from the University of St Andrews (Scotland, UK). In her thesis Daria examined socio-economic, political, legal and some other aspects of refugee integration in host states, using the case study of Syrian-Armenian war refugees in Lebanon, Armenia and territories of Nagorno-Karabakh. She also conducted research and published on the topic of Russian foreign policy in Syria, linking Russian foreign and domestic political goals of the Russian Federation. She earned her Bachelor and Master degrees from the Moscow State University – in Sociology and Economics, and Politics respectively.

After PhD Daria conducted research on the role of Armenian political parties in daily life of Armenians in Lebanon. Dr Vorobyeva has extensive teaching experience: she taught International Relations and Security and Foreign Policy analysis at the University of St Andrews, Global Leadership at the Oxford Royal Academy and now she is a lecturer in Politics and Security at the OSCE Academy in Bishkek. She also has administrative experience, such as development of syllabuses, arranging summer school courses (offline and online), managing online exams (during Covid-19 restrictions), organization of conferences and conference panels. She has widely presented her research, including for NGOs, and state institutions, wrote policy recommendations and was engaged in a number of public engagement lectures.

Research interests

Currently Daria conducts research on the post-February 2022 (start of the Russian operation in Ukraine) Russian migrants in Bishkek in relation to their identity, reasons for leaving and future prospects. She is also interested in migration and refugee studies, Russian foreign policy and research on Syria (especially post-war reconciliation and infrastructural reconstruction).

Selected publications

Vorobyeva, Daria (in progress). 'Forced migration and integration in an ethnic community: a comparative study of Syrian Armenian forced migrants in Armenia, territories of Nagorno-Karabakh & Lebanon' (book).

Vorobyeva, Daria (2021). 'Политические, экономические и социально-культурные изменения в России: Влияние пандемии.' In Journal Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics (7:2).

Vorobyeva, Daria (2020). 'Armenian Political Parties in Lebanon: Functions and Survival Strategies.' In Cavatorta, F., Storm, L. and Resta, V. Routledge Handbook on Political Parties in the Middle East and North Africa. Routledge.

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Vorobyeva, Daria. 'Defining Russian foreign policy towards Syria since 2011: Traditional factors and the role of Syria.' In Hinnebusch, R. and Saouli, A. (eds). The War for Syria: Regional and International Dimensions. Routledge.

Vorobyeva, Daria (2019). 'Language, Culture and Perceived Ethnic Homeland Integration: Syrian Armenian Forced Migrants.' In Declercq, Ch. and Federici, F.M (eds). Intercultural Crisis Communication: Translation, Interpreting and Languages in Local Crises. Bloomsbury.

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