Mr. Augustin Nicolescou is Project Manager/Researcher of the Institute for Integrative Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding in Austria. He has MA in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Vienna.  He teaches Conflict Management.

Research Interests

Dialogue Facilitation, Basic Human Needs, Mediation, Conflict Transformation, Intractable Conflicts, Circum-negotiation, War-affected Refugees and IDPs

Selected Publications

Augustin Nicolescou, Wilfried Graf, Gudrun Kramer. “Complexity Thinking and Basic Human Needs: Towards a Meta-Framework for Interactive Conflict Transformation”. In: Festschrift für Otmar Höll. Österreichische Institut für Internationale Politik, 2013

Augustin Nicolescou, Wilfried Graf, Gudrun Kramer. “Complexity Thinking as a Meta-Framework for Conflict Transformation. In Search of a Paradigm and a Methodology for a Transformative Culture of Peace”. In: Yearbook Peace Culture 2010, Culture of Peace: A Concept and a Campaign Revisited. Eds. Viktorija Ratkovic and Werner Wintersteiner. Klagenfurt: Drava Verlag, 2010

Augustin Nicolescou, “No Peace for Sri Lanka’s Displaced”. Global View, 3/2009

Augustin Nicolescou and Karin Fischer. “Tourism and Peace, Peace and Tourism – an inseparable union”. In: Integra 1/2009: Tourism and peace / Tourism and conflict

Augustin Nicolescou, Wilfried Graf, Gudrun Kramer. “Counselling and training for conflict transformation and peace-building: The Transcend approach”. Handbook of Peace and Conflict Studies. Eds. Charles Webel & Johan Galtung, New York: Routledge, 2007. pp. 123-142.