Alumni Spotlight

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Improving Education in Rural Areas

2 April, 2020

OSCE Academy is proud of its Alumni and gladly shares their stories. Today, we would like you to meet Daniyar Kussainov, an alumnus of 2014 of the MA Programme in Politics and Security from Kazakhstan, who has co-founded Teach for Kazakhstan (TFK) in December 2019, a prospective partner organization of the Teach for All. The organization deals with expanding educational opportunities for underserved communities, especially for rural schools.

Daniyar has embarked upon this journey several years ago when he was studying inequalities in education as a Research fellow at the Central Asia Program of the George Washington University and later on at the NUPI. Having accumulated a fair amount of expertise he decided to bring in-demand knowledge to those parts of the country that are lagging behind and where the quality of education is in a vulnerable state. The TFK is now at the capacity building stage. Daniyar hopes the organization will bring a new impetus to the rural education and more importantly, to more equitable access for kids from the countryside. TFK will recruit, select and place young and motivated leaders for 2-years teaching assignment in disadvantaged schools. Teach for All has established itself at a global level and the program is being successfully implemented in 53 countries.

We wish Daniyar the successful continuation and fruitful implementation of this project in Kazakhstan


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