Alumni Spotlight

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Working for Development of Afghanistan

1 May, 2020

We continue our Spotlight series and today we would like to introduce Mohammad Jawed Nazari, an alumnus of 2014 of the MA Programme in Politics and Security from Afghanistan. Since his graduation, Jawed has worked with several international organizations in Afghanistan in the areas of research and evaluation.

As a researcher with the USAID funded New York University’s “Assessment of Learning Outcome and Social Effects of Community Based Education” project, he was part of a team who has collected evidence regarding the effectiveness and sustainability of different models of community-based education (CBE) from 2400 households and 4000 children of 200 villages of six provinces of Afghanistan. CBE is an education initiative providing basic education in hard to access and underserved communities.

As a researcher with the Aga Khan Foundation, he has conducted a baseline study of the Pamir Energy Electrification Program in cross border districts of Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

In 2019, besides being a lecturer at the Gawharshad University in Kabul teaching “Applied Social Research Methods”, he was working with the Asian Development Bank as a research consultant.

Jawed is currently working as a Senior Education Research Specialist with the Creative Associates International’s Afghan Children Read project with major involvement in two qualitative research projects: 1) Language-Minority Children’s Experience of Early Literacy: A Study of Uzbeki and Pashai Children in Afghanistan and 2) Parental Involvement in Early Literacy in Afghanistan.

The main area of his expertise in research is a randomized controlled trial (RCT), education research, and social research. Jawed favours practical activities and fieldwork. He has worked in 26 out of 34 provinces of his country. He is the OSCE-Academy’s life-time alumni, a volunteer Research Board Member of Porsesh Research and Studies Organization (PRSO), a member of the Young Leader Forum (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung-FES), and one of the UNLEASH’s global talent.

He considers the study at the OSCE Academy as a turning point of his life, and his MA thesis entitled “Hezb-e-Islami’s Behavioral Complexities in Post-Taliban Afghanistan: An Organizational Approach” as the starting point of his research journey.


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