Alumni Spotlight

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Inextricable Ties with the Alma-Mater

29 May, 2020

“... all knowledge degenerates into probability.”

With these words of the great thinker David Hume, I can briefly describe my experience at the OSCE Academy, because every knowledge requires scientific proof. Hello everyone, my name is Khurshed Abduqodiri, although many know me as Kodya. I am an alumnus of the OSCE Academy, Politics and Security Programme 2018, currently an Advisor to the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Regional Project Ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change in high mountainous regions of Central Asia, which is being implemented in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

Now I would like to tell a little about my life after the Academy, and about the role of the latter in my current life. The Academy gave me a great opportunity to deepen my network and experience in those areas that are important and interesting to me, namely, the consequences of neoliberalism (capitalism), environmental problems, and behaviourism. That is why, as my master's research, I chose the problem of climate change and its consequences for Tajikistan, as well as the opinions and behaviour of young people within the framework of this problem.

It is worth noting that, among other things, thanks to the cooperation of the OSCE Academy with such international organizations as GIZ, I received the support of the latter for conducting my research. As a result, my knowledge, coupled with the results of the research, assisted me to become a part of the GIZ EBA Regional Project. Within the framework of the project, I use my knowledge for a more successful implementation of the project, which helps people from the high-altitude villages of Central Asia, in particular Tajikistan, better adapt to the effects of global climate change, using a unique ecosystem approach, which is to improve ecosystem services for people to adapt to the consequences of change climate. It is also worth noting that my experience at the OSCE Academy and GIZ allowed me to join the team of organizers of the Sustainable Development course, which will be conducted for the students of the OSCE Academy, which speaks of my inextricable connection with the Academy to this day.


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