2014 News


CADGAT meets to discuss plans for 2014

Economic Governance and Development programme welcomes the new class

Conflict Sensitivity in the Mining Sector of Kyrgyzstan



The OSCE Academy students visit an orphanage in Bishkek

The Academy hosts a special module on the OSCE

Academy’s students meet with the Gorchakov Fund

Dr Pal Dunay appointed the new director of the OSCE Academy



Open House and Alumni Breakfast

Alumni Publications 2013-2014

Special OSCE module for Politics and Security programme students

The OSCE Academy Students Visit the Kyrgyz Parliament

Round Table on Eurasian Economic Union

The OSCE Academy has published new Central Asia Security Policy Brief

Round table titled Energy and Climate Change: Agenda for Central Asia"




Alumnus Donated Books to the OSCE Academy's Library

OSCE Academy hosts the SIIS delegation

Ahmed Rashid talks on post-2014 Afghanistan

Teaching Fellowships at the OSCE Academy in Fall 2014

21 April-02 May 2014 - Regional Training on regulatory impact analysis

Alumni Met for a Chapter Meeting in Dushanbe



The Academy graduates the second class of MA in Economic Governance and Development

Midterm Forecast of the foreign policy-making processes in Central Asia

Alumni Chapter Meetings Held in Kazakhstan

History Writing and Nation-Building in Central Asia

The Academy hosting the second round of public policy training

CfP: The Helsinki Final Act at 40: Reflections & Prescriptions vis-?-vis the OSCE in Eurasia

OSCE Academy Director presents at the OSCE Permanent Council and the Board of Trustees



Public Lecture on Labour Emigration

Students of the OSCE Academy discussed the role of think tanks

The OSCE Academy started Conflict Sensitive Development training

School of Contemporary Journalism 2014



Call for Applications: Stipends for One-Year Stay at NUPI 2015

Policy brief about the June events 2010

Academy to conduct policy development training in Dushanbe

New academic year 2014-2015



Conference on the OSCE role in Eurasia

New Central Asia Security Policy Brief is out

The OSCE Academy Hosted the Third Alumni Conference

Graduation Ceremony of the MA in Politics and Security Course

Book Presentation in the OSCE Academy



The OSCE Module

Lecture on State Liability under Investment Treaties



Round Table on Human Rights and State Security

Memorandum of Cooperation

The Journalism School Report Presentation

Presentation of the International Monetary Fund Representatives

Discussion on Arms Control and Security Problems in Europe

Round Table on Contemporary Issues of Central Asia and Afghanistan

Workshop for Journalists



The US Ambassador delivers a talk at the Academy

Experts Panel on Ukraine Crisis and Its Repercussions

Communication Workshop

OSCE Academy students selected for international internships

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