Public Lecture on China-Iran Strategic Cooperation by an Associate Research Fellow

On 5 April 2022, Philip Reid, Associate Research Fellow at the OSCE Academy and Research Fellow at the Pembroke College, University of Oxford, delivered a Public Lecture titled “China-Iran Strategic Cooperation: Context and Central Asian Vectors.” Philip Reid provided a wide overview of China-Iran relations chronology ranging from ancient times to the current cooperation policy. Thus he reviewed the most significant developments in relations between the two countries including the Iran-Iraq War and China, Taiwan Crisis, sanctions in the early 21 Century, Chinese Mediation in Nuclear Talks, the 2021 Agreement and etc. Furthermore, Philip Reid identified four key areas for the future development of cooperation between the two powers in Central Asia: connectivity and infrastructure solutions; Xinjiang; cultural\religious developments; and Tajikistan.

The Policy Brief "China-Iran Strategic Cooperation: Context and Central Asian Vectors" by Philip Reid is available here.