The OSCE Academy students visit an orphanage in Bishkek

On 31 January 2014 a group of students and faculty of the OSCE Academy in Bishkek visited the orphanage in Uchkun micro-district of Bishkek. The orphanage has 33 kids and because of its small size, is not well-known among various donor/support communities. Students raised funds and brought variety of items for kids, including food, washing powder, toys, clothing etc. But more importantly, they spent a day chatting and playing with the kids.

Zhyldyz Sultanbekova, a student of the MA in Politics and Security, shared her impressions:

“We wanted to visit orphanage right before the New Year, but it was very “hot” time – deadlines, modules, and our idea just remained an idea. But we finally managed and went to the orphanage on 31 January. Having spent some time with kids we once again realized how these kids are so open and kind. They do not need you to feel sorry for them, they do not need money; what they want essentially is communication and simple contact.”

Such visits became a good tradition for the OSCE Academy students in the past several years, and students are determined to continue such visits in the future.