Policy brief about the June events 2010

The OSCE Academy in Bishkek has published new Policy Brief # 15 by Franco Galdini titled "THE JUNE 2010 ‘EVENTS’ FOUR YEARS ON: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE".

This paper analyses the structural contradictions at the root of the events that shook Kyrgyzstan in the summer of 2010, while connecting them to the main actors involved in the violence and their behaviour.It is argued that, four years on, the driving causes behind the violence remain unaddressed. If anything, the actions of the country’s leadership and political elites risk reinforcing destructive trends that may lead to renewed conflict.

Franco Galdini is a freelance journalist and analyst. He specialises in the political economy of conflict and transition, and has extensive work experience in the former Yugoslavia, the Middle East and Central Asia. In 2013, he was the political and media analyst for the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria.

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