New academic year 2014-2015

The MA in Politics and Security Programme started its new academic year on 1 September 2014. This year 28 students were admitted to the programme ( 7 students, from Kyrgyzstan, 5 students from Kazakhstan, 5 from Tajikistan, 3 from Uzbekistan, 3 from Turkmenistan, 4 from Afghanistan and 1 from the USA).
The new academic year starts with intensively scheduled Academic Writing and Honesty course along with other regular full-term courses.  The Academic Writing and Honesty course is taught by Ms Susan Hoivik, Language Consultant, Editor and English Teacher by training, whose contribution to the programme is generously funded by NUPI.

Full terms courses will be taught Dr Pal Dunay (Director), Dr Alexander Wolters, (DAAD Visiting Professor), Mr. Shairbek Juraev, (Deputy Director), Mr. Payam Foroughi and Dr. Emilbek Dzhuraev (Teaching and Research Fellows).

The classes of the MA in Economic Governance and Development continued with te 2nd semester on 1 September. 

On 30 August, the MA in Politics and Security Programme organized an Orientation Day for incoming group of students. On this day students were introduced to faculty and staff, briefed about the OSCE Academy and its academic rules and regulations. They also had a chance to visit the library, computer lab and other facilities.