The Academy’s Alumna Delivers a Lecture to Current Students

On 28-30 January 2015 Ms Marhabo Yodalieva, the OSCE Academy’s alumna (MA in Politics and Security, 2010) together with Dr Barbara Janusz-Pawletta, from the German-Kazakh University in Almaty, delivered lectures on Water Governance in Central Asia to the MA in Politics and Security students. These sessions were part of the module on Peace and Security Challenges in Central Asia. The lectures and presentations focused on water and water management issues in Central Asia, starting with an overview of the historical development of water management in CA and regional water management practices before and after independence. Of special importance were the discussions of the trans-boundary water governance based on institutional and political cooperation in the areas of a) water energy nexus in CA, b) water - agriculture nexus in CA and c) water - environment nexus in CA.

Marhabo is pursuing her PhD degree at the Free University of Berlin on Integrated Water Resources Management. Currently she is also teaching at the German-Kazakh University.  “I was so pleased to be back at the place, which truly directed the path my life has taken since graduation as a guest lecturer,” Marhabo says. “I was really happy and excited to feel a part of the Academy again, to share my knowledge with the young brilliant-minded students. I hope that my little contribution will help students to have the same feeling of achievement and opportunity that I felt while graduating from the OSCE Academy in 2010.  After all, I always believe that sharing your own knowledge is a gift and there is nothing more gratifying seeing that you pay back your knowledge to your Academy that invested so much in your growth.”