International Policy Paper Writing Seminar has finished its work

For a week young scholars, researchers and experts from Central Asia and Afghanistan participated in lectures, class discussions, and group work. Trainees enhanced their writing skills and were working on their research to present results. Trainers also made a special focus on individual sessions when participants could discuss their paper progress and challenges tête-à-tête. At the same time, they learned different formats and styles of writing, improved their analytical and analysis capacity.

As an outcome of this project several best papers are expected to be published in the framework of the Central Asia Policy Briefs Series. Therefore the concluding two-week stage of the programme includes on-line consultations with trainers and working on final drafts of policy papers in line with comments and recommendations received during in-house module. After final drafts are submitted by December 15, the Selection Committee will short-list best papers to be further edited and published. 

The concluding day of the seminar included roundtable discussion on important policy areas for the International community to focus on Central Asia and “A survey of the afghan people” presentation by young scholar from Afghanistan Mr. Sayed Masood Sadat. This annual survey by the Asia Foundation was aimed to study perception of important social issues in Afghanistan, such as corruption, women’s rights, security, economy and Taliban. In 2015 9586 Afghans from all provinces participated in the survey and findings revealed the lowest level of optimism among Afghani people and indicated perception of government performance. The presentation was followed by question-answer session and discussion. Issues like sampling, credibility and survey coverage were discussed.

The session concluded with a brief survey and group discussion to evaluate the content and quality of the seminar to help organizers see advantages and challenges of the programme.