Certificate Training: Peace and Conflict

From 4 till 9 October 2021, 19 participants from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia participated in the Certificate Training on Peace and Conflict, organized by the OSCE Academy in Bishkek in partnership with CRISP, an organization based in Berlin (Germany), that develops and applies the method of simulation-gaming to the fields of conflict transformation, civic education and citizen participation.

The Certificate Training in Peace and Conflict provided participants with a comprehensive introduction to concepts, tools and methods in the field of conflict transformation. In the first half of the course, the focus was on an in-depth exploration of key terms and concepts as well as tools of conflict analysis.

During the second part of the training, the conflict situation KODORI was implemented, dealing with proto-typical challenges of a post-war situation. In the role of key stakeholders, the participants had the task to negotiate a comprehensive peace agreement after a first ceasefire had been agreed upon. This experience gave the possibility for the participants to test the gained competencies in a realistic environment, get a deeper understanding of complex conflict dynamics and develop ideas for effective interventions in conflict settings. The whole training course was held interactively, giving space for reflection as well as an exchange of experiences between the participants.