Online examination rules

*Note: If you fail to follow the rules below, you will be immediately removed from the test. We kindly ask you to carefully read them.

Examination format:

- Google Forms platform will be used for online examination
- Zoom platform will be used for online surveillance/ monitoring by examinators

Before the examination:

Step 1. Register on with your name and surname precisely as in your international passport, e.g. “John Smith”. Before your test begins please make sure to have your Zoom account ready. Zoom tutorials and resources:
- Review your system requirements for the Zoom online meeting platform
- Try out a test meeting
- Test your audio and video in the meeting of your computer or device

Step 2. Register on if you do not have a Gmail account. You must have a Gmail account to be able to write the test.

*Note: you will be given an individual ID code, that belongs only to you, e. g. "HR21 911". At the examination day, when you will enter the google form tests, please, use this code as a name of yours.

Step 3. Prepare the technical devices. Technical requirements:
- A reliable fast internet connection
- A computer/laptop with the built-in camera or separate webcam
- An installed Google Chrome browser (up to date version)
- A mobile phone with the built-in camera
- A headset that includes a built-in microphone
- Full battery of computer and mobile phone

Step 4. Prepare the room. You should have a quiet separate room with stable Internet connection. As a test participant, you must be alone in the room.

Step 5. You will have 1 device recording you, which is your phone. Prepare the desk, a computer/laptop and a mobile phone. Fix their placements in accordance to the test rules:

- Situate your desk in a separate room so that there will be a wall behind you. 
- Install your mobile phone in a way that we will be able to see
you and the monitor of your computer through your mobile phone. Install your mobile phone at the level of your shoulder. 
- The sample of the required view’s angle ===========>                                                                                                         

Step 6. Convert Bishkek time of the examination into your local time zone. Mark the date and time (converted to your local ones) in your calendar. Make sure to be ready for the tests 15 minutes before the scheduled time.
- Check Bishkek time:

During the examination:

Step 1. Activate a Zoom link using your mobile phone. You will be invited for the tests by email in advance. The link in the email will be active on the mentioned date and time. 

Step 2. Fix the placements of the desk and mobile phone:
- Situate your desk in a separate room so that there will be a wall behind you.
- Install your mobile phone at the level of your shoulder. Mobile phone must provide the view on you and the monitor.
- We will be watching you during the whole test.

Step 3. Before the tests the examinators will request you to provide the 360°degree view on your room. You may also be required to provide the 360°degree view on your room and surroundings during testing, as a random check or upon any suspicious activity identified by the examinator.

Test participant will be excluded from the tests in the following cases:

- Those who will not have a proper internet connection, will be removed from the tests.
- Those who will not install a mobile phone or/and a computer/laptop as described above will not be able to participate in the tests.
- Any kind of cheating will lead to immediate exclusion from the tests.
- You must not communicate with anyone. If you cheat or somehow break the rules during the test, you will be removed from the tests.

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