Dr. Nurgul Ukueva is the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) at AUCA. Dr. Ukueva earned her Ph.D. degree in Economics from Duke University, USA, in 2010.  She received her M.A. in Economics from Duke University and Temple University, USA.  She has taught variety of courses including Macroeconomics from Introductory to Advanced Master’s levels, Microeconomics, Business Statistics, Mathematical Economics at Old Dominion University and Weber State University, USA.

Dr. Ukueva's research interests broadly lie in the areas of macroeconomics and development economics with the focus on growth theory and international migration. Her current research focuses on the long-term macroeconomic implications of migration and remittances for developing countries. She also studies impact of migration and remittances on household outcomes using micro-level panel data for the Kyrgyz Republic.

Dr. Nurgul Ukueva is a recipient of a HESP AFP Returning Scholar Fellowship, Duke University's Graduate School Fellowships, Japan/IMF Scholarship for Advanced Studies, Edmund Muskie Graduate Fellowship, and FSA Future Leaders Exchange Fellowship.