Student Safety


Students of the Academy are advised to follow the following safety and security tips:

Always carry the OSCE Academy ID card. Additionally, international students are advised to keep a copy of passport, including the pages that show valid visa and registration (do not carry your passport unless it is needed);

Always keep phone numbers of the OSCE Academy's Senior Security Guard and the relevant Programme staff handy;

Familiarize yourself with the Security Advisory, which is available at the department and handed out on Orientation Day;

Promptly inform Academic Assistant of the Programme of any address and phone changes while studying in Bishkek;

On arrival, promptly leave full emergency contact information at the department. This should include full address, phone numbers, and full name and relationship of the person who should be contacted during emergency;

In case of emergency, international students can contact their relevant embassies:

Embassy of Afghanistan

Embassy of Kazakhstan in Bishkek

Embassy of Tajikistan in Bishkek

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Bishkek

Rescue service

Universal for Police, Ambulance, Fire brigade, Gas leakage:  112
Fire brigade – 101;
Police – 102;
Ambulance – 103;


In case of sickness and medical emergency, foreign students, who are eligible for medical insurance, should contact "A Plus" insurance company at the following address:

Abdrahmanova street, 176/1, Bishkek
Phone: +996 (312) 90–15–33, +996 704 93 73 78, +996 555 93 73 78
or contact Ms Aleksandra Evrash: Mob: +996 779 24 64 76

Information Leaflet

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