Data Review #22

BRI in Central Asia: Energy Connectivity Projects

Farkhod Aminjonov, Alina Abylkasymova, Anna Aimée, Bahtiyor Eshchanov, Daniyar Moldokanov, Indra Overland, Roman Vakulchuk 


One  of  the  strategic  objectives  of  the  Belt  and  Road  Initiative (BRI)  in  Central  Asia  is  to  provide  China  with alternative import/export and energy supply routes. This data article shows that the presentation and coverage of BRI projects varies considerably from country to country. The largest number of BRI projects in Central Asia are implemented in Kazakhstan and are in the oil and gas sector. By contrast, Turkmenistan is implementing only a few Chinese energy projects, though they are large-scale and its sum of investment is the second-largest of the Central Asian states.

Keywords: BRI, energy, China, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan


OSCE Academy / NUPI


Central Asia Data-Gathering and Analysis Team (CADGAT)

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