Admission FAQs

Graduate Programmes

Can I have a consultation by the Admission Office?
Cuurently, online info sessions via Zoom are not provided. You may reach us at

What are the stages of the admission to the MA Programmes at the OSCE Academy?

• Submission of an online application form
Master of Arts in Politics and Security (Central Asia)
Master of Arts in Economic Governance and Development
Master of Arts in Human Rights and Sustainability (MAHRS)
• Written examinations on specialization
• Interviews

When is the deadline for applying for the MA Programmes at the OSCE Academy in Bishkek?
The application deadline is 29 February 2024, at 11 pm (Bishkek time).

What are the main criteria in the selection of applications?
In the first round, the selection process involves reviewing completed application forms and attached academic documents. During this stage, the commission evaluates academic achievements, professional experience, the quality of the statement of purpose, and recommendation letters. Due to the limited number of seats available in each MA programme, all applicants are ranked, and only the top candidates are invited to the next stage -  written examinations.

How much is the tuition at the OSCE Academy?
The OSCE Academy does not charge tuition fees. All accepted students receive a full tuition waiver, in addition to a monthly stipend covering living costs in Bishkek.

Do you require to submit IELTS or TOEFL certificates as part of the application?
Yes, starting from 2024, applicants are expected to provide proof of their English language proficiency by submitting IELTS Academic (min 6.5), TOEFL IBT (min 90) or TOEFL PBT (min 570) certificates in the section “English Language Qualification” of the online application form.

Shortlisted candidates who did not submit the IELTS or TOEFL certificate will have to take the English language test of the OSCE Academy.

Can I apply if I have not yet completed my current study?
Yes, but only if you are in your last year of study and expect to receive your diploma (degree certificate) before the start of our academic year (August 1, 2024). In this case, instead of a diploma you must submit an official letter/certificate from your university indicating the expected date and year of your graduation and your current transcript.

Can I apply if my academic background is not relevant to MA programmes?
No, completion of an academic degree in a related academic field is necessary.

Can I apply if I am from a non-OSCE participating State?
No, with Afghanistan being the only exception. Only applicants from the OSCE participating states can apply (check here for the full list of the OSCE participating states).

Will my diploma and transcripts in languages other than English or Russian be accepted?
No, your diploma and transcripts must be translated into English or Russian, and the translation should be certified with the signature and stamp of your university department or a notary.

Are reference letters required for your application?
Yes, as part of your online application, you must submit two reference letters. One of these letters must be academic. Additionally, please ensure that these reference letters are not older than two years and have a signature.

I am not able to upload my documents to the online application form.
Please combine your documents into a single PDF file if you have multiple files, or reduce the size of your PDF file.

Can I edit the submitted application form, or add/replace the documents after submission?
No, it is not possible to edit your application form or update the documents once it is submitted. We strongly recommend you to review your application carefully before submission.

I am not able to upload my documents to the application form. Can I send them by email?
No, the documents sent by email will not be considered. All documents must be uploaded to the online application form only.

Can I submit more than one application for the same MA programme?
No, any duplicate applications will be removed and not reviewed.

Can I complete the application form in Russian?
The required language for completing the application form is English only.

How will I be notified if I pass the first round?
You will be contacted via the email provided in your online application form.

Are the OSCE Academy programmes accredited?
Yes, the OSCE Academy programmes are accredited by the "Ednet" Agency, and students receive Kyrgyz state diplomas. Additionally, the OSCE Academy issues its own certificates and transcripts.

What is the language of instruction at the OSCE Academy?
All courses are taught in English.

Does the OSCE Academy offer part-time or evening courses?
No, the OSCE Academy does not offer part-time or evening degree courses.

Can I apply if I am already enrolled at another Master's programme?
No, it is not allowed to be enrolled at another Master’s programme while studying at the OSCE Academy.

Can I work while studying at the OSCE Academy?
No, full-time employment is not allowed during your studies. Our intensive programmes require your full commitment.

Does the OSCE Academy have dormitories? If not, where do foreign students live?
No, the OSCE Academy does not provide dormitories, but students receive a scholarship of 450 euros, which covers living expenses.

Do you offer distance learning or online programmes?
No, we do not offer distance learning or online programmes. Students are expected to come to Bishkek for on-site study.

Is it obligatory to participate in a Summer School for accepted candidates?
Yes, participation in the Summer School is mandatory for all accepted candidates. The Summer School will take place from 5 to 29 August 2024.

Who should I contact to if I have further questions?
Please contact the Admission Office by email: