Undergraduate Programme

Bachelor of Arts Programme in Economics





Programme overview

We are proud to offer the exclusive free education in Economics in Kyrgyzstan, in English, additionally with scholarship for talented youth of the region. 

Economic growth and development, global financial crisis and consequences, efficient use of natural resources, international organisations and their effect on the global economy, government’s regulation of national economy, working with a large volume of economic data, and more challenges are waiting for new approaches. We are waiting for you at OSCE Academy for finding new approaches together.

We will consider the world economy as a global economic system, and study actors and factors. Students will have a solid knowledge on how to interact with different actors and manage affecting factors. Upon completion students may pursue a career in international organisations, international businesses, etc.

Learning objectives

- Demonstrate students how the global economic system works,
- Provide students with up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge about economic development, international trade, government regulations and governance;
- Enhance students' competencies and skills for future career;
- Introduce students to the real world through the internships, guest lecturers, company visits, Academy alumni meetups and others;
- Familiarize students with the OSCE mission, principles, and activities with a special focus on Central Asia;
- Establish a motivating learning environment and provide close interaction among students, faculty and administration;
- Encourage friendship and respect in a culturally, nationally, and ethnically diverse environment of the Academy.

The curriculum of the programme is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, and is supported by the OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek, interested OSCE participating and partner States, and other parties. The international partner institutions and the Board of Trustees of the OSCE Academy provide assistance in elaborating curricular details, conducting classes, organizing internships, and carrying out other activities.