Академия ОБСЕ и Фонд Фридриха Эберта: 4-я междисциплинарная конференция

24 сентября, 2022

OSCE Academy and Friedrich Ebert Foundation: 4th Interdisciplinary Conference

Adaptation & Transformation in Central Asia

24-25 September 2022
Conference Hall, 3rd Floor, OSCE Academy in Bishkek

30 years after independence, the five Central Asian states have developed a plethora of social and political strategies to adapt to the new normative orders since the 1990s, most prominently the shift from communism to constitutional democracy and from plan to market economy.

Today, however, many political and economic reforms remain nothing more than hollow grounds, and instead reauthorization of political leadership and informal economy dominate many aspects of social and political life. Whereas regime consolidation has often been undermined, the ways and modes of adapting to global norms and trends, and facing global challenges such as migration, climate change, and cyber security by law enforcement, civil society, and business are often impressive and sometimes disturbing at the same time.

This fourth Transformation in Central Asia focuses on the Adaptation to political and economic regime change by different actors in the light of global and local challenges. Conference speakers and applicants from Central Asia are at giving examples of how civil society, policymakers, and businesses have dealt with the paradigm shifts whilst adapting to institutional reforms and political shifts over the past decades.

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