The OSCE Academy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Teaching Fellowships
Application Deadline: October 31, 2017

The OSCE Academy in Bishkek is looking for several Teaching Fellows for the following courses:

Winter 2018 (January–April 2018)
Full-semester courses:

• Research Methods and Design (for Economics Students), 4-credit
• International Political Economy (for Political Science/IR students), 4-credit
• Contemporary Security Issues, 4-credit

Modular course (intensively scheduled, lasts one week):

• Political Islam, 2-credit

Spring 2018 (May–June 2018)
Full-semester courses:

• International Development, 2-credit    
• International Financial System, 2-credit 
• Economics and Regulation of Energy Sector, 4-credit

Modular courses (intensively scheduled courses, each lasting one week):

• Central Asia and China, 2-credit
• Central Asia and Russia, 2-credit
• Central Asia and Middle East, 2-credit
• Migration and Human Trafficking, 2-credit 

The aim of the courses is to provide a graduate level survey of these fields introducing students to major approaches and theories, important topics, and the contemporary developments. The courses are expected to be taught on graduate level involving lectures, seminars, research assignments, and individual student mentoring. The specific course topics as well as the course design should be discussed with the academic management of the OSCE Academy. 

During the rest of the time, the fellows are encouraged to conduct their research and will receive full support of the Academy and our partners. We expect the fellows to present their research to the students and the greater audience at the end of the fellowship period with us.

The qualified candidate holds a PhD degree (or PhD candidate) in in Economics, Political Science, International Relations, or a related field and has teaching experience.

The OSCE Academy will consider the possibility to provide support to fellows interested in conducting their research in the Central Asian region.

The OSCE Academy will provide/cover:
a) Economy class roundtrip airfare from the city of current residence to Bishkek;
b) Entry visa expenses to Kyrgyzstan, if any;
c) Housing allowance for international fellows;
d) Honorarium based on the qualification of candidate;
e) Office space and a computer, as well as access to all of our facilities, including library, JSTOR, Oxford University Press etc.
NOTE: The Academy will not be able to provide health insurance.

Interested applicants should fill the form on https://goo.gl/forms/C0Hhdka0qYxEm44D2 and submit their CV and cover letter to master2faculty@osce-academy.net until October 31, 2017.

The OSCE Academy in Bishkek is an equal-opportunity institution. It operates on the principle of non-discrimination. All recruitment decisions are taken on the basis of best qualification of the candidates, with consideration of regional and gender balance. Both local and international applicants are eligible to apply.

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