16 November - The presentation "Protection of Refugees in Accordance with International Refugee Law and Domestic Law"

16 November, 2012

16 November - allowing the students to explore contemporary aspects of refugee protection in the Central Asian region was the main purpose of the presentation "Protection of Refugees in Accordance with International Refugee Law and Domestic Law" by Ms. Anna NEE (National Protection Officer with the UNHCR Representation in the Kyrgyz Republic).

Refugee issues appear to be high on the agenda in the contemporary world which witnesses mass movements of people due to armed conflicts and human rights violations (examples of Syria, Mali and South Sudan).
The region of Central Asia also experiences the phenomenon of migratory movements of people, with those in need of international protection among them.

The International Refugee Law lays down juridical grounds for international protection obligations of states towards persons in destitute situations.  All of the countries in the Central Asian region,
with the exception of Uzbekistan are signatories to the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol.
Students of the OSCE Academy had the opportunity to discuss such topics as refugee definition (inclusion, exclusion, extended definition), relations between asylum and extradition and durable solutions for refugees.
Handouts, which students received included a case study, UNHCR Handbook and a Russian
translation of the book of James S. Hathaway "The Law of Refugee Status", published in Bishkek in 2007.

BIO: Ms. Anna NEE joined UNHCR in 2002, has expertise in refugee status determination, voluntary repatriation and resettlement of refugees, as well as in issues related to the prevention and reduction of statelessness.  Emergency operation experience in 2005 during arrival of Uzbek refugees from Andijan in the Southern Jalalabat province of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Ms. Anna NEE graduated from Law Faculty the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University in 1999 with the specialization in Theory of Law and State and Constitutional Law (LLB, LLM), University of Essex LLM in International Human Rights Law 2010.  Research interest in International Refugee Law, International Criminal Law and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.  Publications: Compilation of Normative and Legal Acts Related to Refugee Protection, Bishkek 2004; Review of UNHCR activities in the Kyrgyz Republic, Bulletin of the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic No.4 2005, review of the textbook International Protection of Refugees, Bishkek 2007.

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