Meeting with the parliamentary delegation of Germany

7 October, 2016

On October 6, 2016 students of the OSCE Academy met with the parliamentary delegation of Germany on German minority in Kyrgyzstan. Mr Hartmut Koschyk, the Commissioner of the Federal Government on the issues of immigrants and ethnic minorities headed the delegation. The meeting was organized with support of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Embassy of Germany in the Kyrgyz Republic. The delegation visited Kyrgyzstan as part of a tour of Central Asia in order to strengthen and develop bilateral cooperation.

Acting Director of the OSCE Academy, Ms Indira Satarkulova welcomed delegation and gave a presentation on the activity of the Academy. Mr Koschyk, in turn, thanked the management and students of the Academy for the opportunity to exchange views on conflict-free coexistence, ethnic groups and national minorities in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.

In his presentation Mr Koschyk spoke about Germany’s policy towards ethnic minorities, support provided for ethnic Germans living in other countries, and measures in the social sphere taken by Germany in this direction. Thus Germany has established centres to support national minorities in Bishkek, Tokmok and Sokuluk. Mr. Koschyk noted that not only ethnic Germans, but also other ethnic groups and needy citizens can ask for help in those places. Similar centres are functioning in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan as well.

During the meeting, students of the Academy asked questions about German policy towards Syrian refugees, national minority issues in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, the freedom of religion of ethnic Germans in the region, and others.


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