Central Asian School of Contemporary Journalism starts at the OSCE Academy


On 31 July the OSCE Academy in Bishkek in cooperation with Deutsche Welle Akademie (Bonn) opens a 3-week programme of the annual Central Asian School of Contemporary Journalism. This unique joint project is a combination of technical training in print, radio, TV and online media, and a workshop in which ethnic conflict, social problems, and other issues are covered. Annually the school gathers young-career journalists from Central Asian states to help them decrease the gap between university education and market expectations and give them a holistic concept of the profession, where different media increasingly interact. In 2017 we welcome 13 participants from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan and the primary focus is made on TV and social issues in Kyrgyzstan and the region. For three weeks participants will work with local and international trainers to improve their skills and knowledge to create high-quality journalistic materials aimed at the audience in Central Asia.

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