Junior Public Officers' Programme

In support of alumni professional integration in public service, starting from 2011 the Academy runs a Junior Public Officers' (JPO) Programme. JPO Programme provides an opportunity to the OSCE Academy’s graduates from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Afghanistan to intern at the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and other State Agencies of the country of their respective citizenship. The internship period last for three months.

This JPO Programme is being implemented in accordance with the Agreements signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of 10 September 2010, the Ministry of the Republic of Afghanistan as of 28 May 2012 and the State Agency for Investment and Export Promotion under the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz  Republic as of 16 June 2017.

By 2017 in total 22 alumni have succesfully completed JPO Programme:


1. Dinara Mussabalina '11 (Kazakhstan) “I see an internship at the MFA as a great opportunity not only to gain personal experience in the Ministry in the foreign affairs field, but also to bring back new visions and ideas to Kazakhstan, regardless of whether in the future I work in governmental or civil society agencies.”

2. Elnura Omurkulova '11 (Kyrgyzstan) "This JPO Programme can be assisted as an invaluable asset to my experience. The responsibility that I hold gave me practical skills for my future career. The understanding and practice of the structure of diplomatic correspondence will help me in my future plans if I would decide to continue my career in state institution or at least to cooperate with such as a member of the international or non-governmental organization. Definitely, I have to mention the networks that I built with the staff of the department: well-qualified, kind and open specialists who were eager to assist me with any question I had."

3. Daniyar Suyunov '05 (Kyrgyzstan) "I have gained a valuable experience during my internship in the department of international organizations and security under MFA. I was able to establish friendly relationships with the most of MFA’s staff  and I believe this will help me in my further career development in this government system."

4. Shoira Olimova '11 (Tajikistan) "...it is good place for making a future diplomat career."


5. Bibigul Izbair '12 (Kazakhstan) "...the positive side of the internship was that it went particularly well in terms of creating a network of contacts which are useful for my current job in capacity of the OSCE employee. Moreover, working on analytical report gave me an opportunity to apply my research skills and explore new topics of interest. I strongly believe that studying politics and security issues at the OSCE Academy greatly facilitated my ability to implement the internship tasks at a high level. Overall, I would like to express my gratitude to the OSCE Academy for their efforts to make this internship possible."

6. Natalia Zakharchenko '12 (Kyrgyzstan) "The received experience will greatly contribute and already did so for my personal development. First of all, in terms of knowledge, I was able to learn different aspects of bureaucracy and diplomacy which are relevant for my future career plans. Second, practically, I understood how to put these things in practice. And thirdly, most importantly, I got a chance to see how the structure works, what different procedures, details are, and enhanced my communication skills."

7. Cholpon Aitakhunova '12 (Kyrgyzstan) "As for the gained experience at the MFA of Kyrgyzstan, I consider that it has an immense value, because I learnt a lot of useful things which will be needed during my everyday work be it in an international organization or a local company, or a state institution.  My everyday tasks became an important set of necessary knowledge for future work."

8. Anahita Saymidinova '12 (Tajikistan) "The rich experience I received during the JPO Programme will definitely contribute for my future development because I acquired necessary practical skills for my future career within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan."


9. Ahmad Munir Faruhee '13 (Afghanistan) "I gained quite valuable experience by working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan. It’s a great place for new graduates like me who is very interested to work with, given my background and educational qualifications."

10. Aliya Sadykova '10 (Kazakhstan) "Internship in the Ministry was a great opportunity for me to get experience in government service. The length of the program has given me the time to make a decision about the further career in the government and gather and submit necessary documents for governmental service."

11. Begaim Akimbaeva '13 (Kyrgyzstan) "I had an opportunity to take part in the JPO Programme and work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan. As a result I gained priceless experience that will undoubtedly contribute to my future career development."

12. Reina Artur kyzy '13 (Kyrgyzstan) "Previously I had an experience with the state institutions; however, this opportunity with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and involvement in international relations were for the first time. Thus, I consider that it was very valuable and important experience to my future career. The JPO programme firstly showed me the whole process of the decision making on international level by states and international organizations on variety of issues; secondly, I have learnt how to work and communicate with state institutions and authorities of different levels; thirdly, I have achieved a lot in improving my analytical skills, which always will be valued at any work; and finally, this experience showed me that there is a wide range of career possibilities within state structures that can bring dynamic and interesting development of personality and it's skills."

13. Uguloy Mukhtorova '13 (Tajikistan) "There are several benefits for my further career development:
- My obtained knowledge and experiences are useful to improve my professionalism in different fields;
- I knew procedures from inside in the public sector, especially in the MFA. My obtained experience will be useful for every state agency  or non-governmental sector.
- Network in a positive meaning. As I told before there are bureaucratic procedures and I know how to foster my work in other organizations not violating the laws and regulations;


14. Sakina Qasemi '14 (Afghanistan) “The three months working experience at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is considered as a good achievement for me. It is because this Programme gave me the opportunity to understand and practically take part in their working procedures and become aware of their norms and rules. This knowledge from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs environment and employees has helped me in my decision to be a permanent employee of the Ministry.”

15. Emil Ibraev '14 (Kyrgyzstan) “I have received a tremendous and invaluable experience of working at the main agency of foreign policy of the state. During this internship, I looked at the sphere of multilateral diplomacy with my own eyes and learned internal mechanisms of the MFA and implementation of the state’s foreign policy.”

16. Nurbek Bekmurzaev '14 (Kyrgyzstan) “I received a lot of experience, which I will certainly need throughout my career. This internship was an opportunity to see what it is like to work for the government in our country. I was introduced to the government bureaucracy. It was a unique experience in terms of learning how our foreign policy is formulated.”


17. Idrees Muhammad '15 (Afghanistan) "I am very satisfied with my decision of joining MOFA as an intern. I not only carry out various administration tasks but I also attended seminars and Political Diplomacy classes. The institute arranges various classes (Diplomatic and political training courses along with language courses) for their employees in order to build up their capacities. Besides these, the Institute also gives the opportunity to bring international and regional experts and give presentations and speech on various important topics. I participated in different classes and seminars of multiple topics. I found all those seminars and classes very important and relevant and they enhanced my knowledge and my interest with different international and regional topics."

18. Anna Savchenko '15 (Kazakhstan) "Overall, the JPO experience influenced my vision of civil service and functioning of the Ministry, its internal structure and procedures. Moreover, it contributed to my understanding of decision-making and implementation processes in state structures of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Moreover, I could better comprehend national interests of Kazakhstan in the sphere of international security."

19. Elvira Kalmurzaeva '15 (Kyrgyzstan) "I am about to start my professional career, and I am confident that report writing and organizational skills I gained during these months will positively impact on my performance. Researches I have done for my Department expanded my knowledge about the OSCE and security situation in Kyrgyzstan."

20. Sino Ruziev '15 (Tajikistan) "I learned many things while working in the MFA. First of all, I improved one of my languages. Secondly, I was introduced to the structure of the MFA. I got to built networks in the MFA."


21. Vassiliy Lakhonin ’14 “My  experience at MFA (at the Department of Multilateral Cooperation) was a dynamic combination of administrative-bureaucratic tasks along with intellectual challenges, ethics and diplomacy regulations, which speaks for the fact that learning is a complex and never-ending process.

22. Yermek Abilgaziev ’15 “With every week at MFA I became more inspired to contribute to the development of my country and the strengthening of its political and economic role in a world. This internship offered me precisely this opportunity, by allowing me to employ my theoretical International Relations knowledge in a practical context. I gained valuable insight into MFA activities and am especially interested to know about the internal decision-making process. Last but not least, I am eager to learn more about how to achieve outcomes in the national interest, as I hope ultimately to build a career in the MFA.”

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