Baktybek Urmambetov is a professor of applied mathematics and informatics department at the American University of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan). Prof. Urmambetov graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 1993 he earned his Ph.D from the Kazakh State University (Almaty). In the past, prof. Urmambetov was also a visiting lecturer at Academy TeachEx.

Research interests

His current research focuses on mathematical methods in economics and business.

Selected Publications

• Using imitation model in business. Herald of Institute of Mathematics of NAS #1 pp.156-160, Kyrgyzstan, 2021.
• Trend and seasonal components of Kyrgyzstan GDP for 2000-2013 years. iSience-Actual scientific research in modern world. Edition 12, part 1. Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Ukraine. 2016.
• Sale forecasting for trade company. High Education. 3/17 October 2012 p.52-54, Bishkek.
• Kyrgyzstan’s high employment generating industries: An application of input-output analysis. Academic Review. AUCA, 2007. P.270-281.
• Urmambetov B.M. “Coercive contractions for differential equations. Kazakhstan, News of Academy of Sciences. 1991 №3. p.44-47.