Alumni Spotlight

  • Providing a Chance for Better Future

    Anahita Saymidinova is alumna of 2012, MA Programme in Politics and Security from Tajikistan. Anahita helped to rescue 167 people from Afghanistan via the Tajik-Afghan border while Taliban forces took control of Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul in summer 2021. Below Anahita shares with us her unique experience:

    1 February, 2022

  • Educated youth – Bright Future of the Country

    Alimana Zhanmukanova is alumna of 2020, MA Programme in Politics and Security from Kazakhstan. Alimana initiated the project Discussion School RISE to study and discuss essential issues of Kazakhstan.

    25 January, 2022

  • Helping the State and Ordinary Citizens through Digitalization

    Nuria Kutnaeva is alumna of 2005, MA Programme in Politics and Security from Kyrgyzstan. Director and Founder of the Public Foundation "DigitalTechnology”. Nuria introduced the electronic interoperability system “Tunduk” in the Kyrgyz Republic.

    18 January, 2022

  • Alumnus of the Year 2021: Rashid Gabdulhakov: “through my work, I aim to spotlight people, places, and cases that are underrepresented, misrepresented, or simply ignored in academia”

    Rashid Gabdulhakov is a graduate of 2013 of the MA Programme in Politics and Security from Uzbekistan. This year Rashid received the Alumnus of the Year 2021 Award for his professional development and achievements after the graduation from the OSCE Academy. On 7 October 2021, Rashid successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Digital Vigilantism in Russia: Citizen-led Justice in the Context of Social Change and Social Harm” and obtained a PhD degree in Media and Communication (Cum Laude). Upon defending, Rashid became an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Media and Journalism Studies at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

    11 January, 2022

  • How to be “Limitless”: Success Story of Daniel Dushmanov

    As a Politics and Security major, Daniel Dushmanov, 2016, has a strong grip on not only political developments in the region, but beyond that. His professional background includes working in Media and Communications, Public Relations, and IT. He is kindly sharing his success story with our Alumni Network. In 2015, when he joined the OSCE Academy he already received 3 diplomas. The studies at the Academy was a timely step to boost his career and academic growth, he confesses, and looking back he is convinced that it was the perfect time and place to be at.

    18 May, 2021

  • Mingul Seitkazieva'07 Receives Alumna of the Year 2020 Award

    Every year the OSCE Academy Alumni Network selects one graduate to receive the title of the Alumna/us of the Year. The Award honours the Academy’s most outstanding alumni. We wholeheartedly congratulate Mingul for receiving more votes and getting the award this year and wish her more successful endeavours in the future! We are publishing her story here.

    28 October, 2020

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: OSCE AiB alumna-initiated grassroot project to save hundreds of lives in remote Tajikistan

    One of the founders of a fundraising campaign to provide oxygen generators to remote areas of Tajikistan, Sabrinisso Valdosh, who is an alumna of the Economic Governance and Development Programme of 2017, makes an important change in her community. She shares a powerful story of how community engagement projects can be of vital significance during the challenging times Tajikistan is experiencing at the moment.

    4 August, 2020

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: My Journey of writing ‘In the Land of the Tian Shan Mountains’

    We are publishing a brief story of Muhammad Idrees, a graduate of the OSCE Academy of 2015, Economic Governance and Development Programme, who is a freelance writer and researcher focusing on the social, cultural, political and economic issues of Central Asia and Afghanistan. Muhammad is the author of a book ‘In the Land of the Tian Shan Mountains.’

    29 July, 2020

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: A Life-Changing Perspective with the OSCE Academy

    Bobur Nazarmuhamedov, a graduate of 2011 of the MA Programme in Politics and Security (Central Asia) from Uzbekistan, shares his story of the professional achievements he reached. He currently works as a Programme Officer at the International Labour Organization (ILO) Headquarters in Geneva. Prior to joining ILO, he has held diverse professional positions in different sectors such as private sector, NGOs, international organizations.

    7 July, 2020

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: OSCE Academy is the best place to connect future leaders of Central Asia

    We would like to present a success story of Danat Tumabayev from Kazakhstan, an alumnus of the OSCE Academy MA Economic Governance and Development, class of 2017. Today, Danat is working as Zhas Orken specialist at the subsidiary of Sovereign Wealth Fund «Samruk-Kazyna» JSC, which initiated a contest amongst the graduates for participation in the two-year Zhas Orken program that aims to attract and prepare future executives and top managers.

    19 June, 2020