Alumni Spotlight

Educated youth – Bright Future of the Country

25 January, 2022

Alimana Zhanmukanova is alumna of 2020, MA Programme in Politics and Security from Kazakhstan. Alimana initiated the project Discussion School RISE to study and discuss essential issues of Kazakhstan.

Discussion School RISE - platform that united 24 young people from the North Kazakhstan region to study, discuss, and debate crucial issues of the Kazakhstani society. Lectures of distinguished experts and practitioners contributed to the participants’ better comprehension of the covered topics and encouraged them to immerse into new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Every participant was challenged to reflect his/her own vision and solutions to the central topics of the school through collaboration with other participants and extensive discussions while working in teams under the supervision of curators. At the end of each day four teams were brought to competitive debating to exercise public speaking and critical thinking, while also gaining deeper understanding of the topics. Along that, participants' experience at the school was enriched by providing soft skills on social projects drafting, implementation and fundraising, to the facilitation long-lasting impact by encouraging them to take the initiative to contribute to the betterment of their communities. This year’s school covered the following topics - Disinformation, Feminism, Human Rights and Mental Health.


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