Alumni Spotlight

  • OSCE AiB graduate Medet Suleimen: I truly believe young people’s voices should be heard

    We are glad to present our next alumnus - Medet Suleimen - and his professional and personal success in advancing democratic values in Kazakhstan. Since 2014 Medet is working as a Programme Officer for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Kazakhstan Office in Almaty and manages a wide array of projects in the fields of foreign policy and youth policy.

    26 May, 2020

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Fostering Change for Human Rights and Social Justice

    Today we would like to introduce our next alumna – a 2015 graduate of Politics and Security Programme – Ms Dilfuza Kurolova. As an enthusiastic and aspiring leader, Ms Kurolova is actively promoting human rights and the development of civil society in Uzbekistan. She is among the top 100 most influential national and international experts admitted by the Nationwide Movement “Yuksalish”. Currently, she is a focal point/legal consultant of the International Commission of Jurists, the Swiss NGO in Uzbekistan. In addition, she is a part of the Social Development Team and citizen engagement project for the ECA region at the World Bank. Previously, she worked with labour rights and feedback mechanisms during cotton harvest 2016-2018 and on the elimination of child and forced labour in Uzbekistan.

    19 May, 2020

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: My path to MFA and importance of the JPO Programme

    A success story of Dinmukhamed Omirali, a graduate of OSCE Academy's Politics and Security Programme (class 2018), who after finishing his internship within the framework of the Junior Public Officers' Programme was hired as a Leading Specialist at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    12 May, 2020

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: From Intern to International Expert

    Today we would like to tell you about Guzal Abdirazakova, an alumna of the OSCE Academy MA Programme in Politics and Security, class 2013, who started her fascinating professional path from the internship and grew all the way up to becoming a Monitoring & Evaluation and Knowledge Management Advisor for one of the biggest programmes of the GIZ Kyrgyzstan.

    5 May, 2020

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Working for Development of Afghanistan

    We continue our Spotlight series and today we would like to introduce Mohammad Jawed Nazari, an alumnus of 2014 of the MA Programme in Politics and Security from Afghanistan. Since his graduation, Jawed has worked with several international organizations in Afghanistan in the areas of research and evaluation.

    1 May, 2020

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: A Gender Journey

    The next success story is of Regina Sokolova, an alumna of 2014, Politics and Security Programme. She started her ‘gender journey’ as the OSCE Academy Intern at the Gender and Anti-trafficking Unit of the OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe back in 2014. Grassroot experience in the field and touching stories of women’s lives in rural Tajikistan were reflected in her OSCE Academy’s MA Thesis on Gender Politics in Tajikistan. The same year she was employed by the OSCE Counterterrorism and Police Reform Unit, where she was actively involved in the nation-wide Police Reform awareness-raising campaign and promoting the role of women in the law enforcement system.

    21 April, 2020

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Future for all Children

    We would like to introduce our next success story – meet Umedakhon Pulotova, an alumna of 2017, MA Programme in Economic Governance and Development from Tajikistan. Currently, Umedakhon is working as Project Coordinator in two projects in the health-focused NGO “Ranginkamon” in Khujand, Tajikistan. The organization’s mission is to support the inclusion of children with disabilities in the society through the revitalization of family members of these children, the establishment of rehabilitation centres, education and training of specialists, and the organization of support in order to create an inclusive society.

    17 April, 2020

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Linking the Networks, Regions, and Academic Fields

    Our next Alumni Success Story is about Rashid Gabdulhakov (Politics and Security 2013). Rashid is working on his PhD project at Erasmus University Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. He is researching digital vigilantism (digitally-mediated citizen-led justice) in Russia and other former-Soviet republics and teaches in the International Bachelor programme for Communication and Media. “I find it to be a perfect transition to come into media and communication filed with the background in politics and security. Increasingly these fields merge and become mutually-influential. Working with students at Erasmus University is nothing but joy and I am grateful for the amazing colleagues who I get inspired by and from whom I continuously learn.”

    14 April, 2020

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: with Minority Issues throughout the Years and Distances

    The next story in our series of Alumni Success Stories is about Azizjon Berdiqulov. Aziz graduated from the Politics and Security program at the OSCE Academy in 2013. He worked with the ODIHR's Election Observation Mission for the 2013 Presidential Election in Tajikistan and afterward started his career with the OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe, where he dealt with anti-corruption and good governance issues. Minority studies and particularly political mobilisation of minorities have long been Aziz's research interests. With the help of the OSCE Academy, he managed to follow-up on his Master Thesis and published his first Policy Brief on the political mobilisation of ethnic minorities in Tajikistan during the Civil War and 2012/2014 Khorog Events (

    10 April, 2020

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Running toward Success

    Our success story series continues with our next alumnus, Abdulvahhobi Muminjoniyon, (aka Bobby M. Hafiz) from Tajikistan. A week ago most Central Asia news portals wrote about a Tajik guy who ran 'balcony Marathon' during the lockdown in Vienna. Who was it? Bobby! A bit more on this below, first about his professional developments. He graduated from the Economic Governance and Development (EGD) Programme in 2019 where he also served as a president of the group. He was one of those who successfully completed the EGD program and got selected for an internship at the OSCE Secretariat in the 2nd dimension, Office of the Co-ordinator of Economic and Environmental Activities (OCEEA). During his studies, he was a part of the Start-Up Weekend Women Edition Bishkek organizing team and represented the OSCE Academy at One Young World in The Hague, Netherlands in 2018.

    7 April, 2020