Alumni Spotlight

  • Success Story: Ryan Michael Schweitzer, Politics and Security '2021

    In 2023, Ryan was accepted into Harvard University for the Master's degree programme in Islamic Studies. At Harvard, Ryan focuses on Islam and Identity in Central Asia, particularly how Islam is shaping modern culture and nationhood in the region. Working on his second Master's degree at Harvard University, Ryan exemplifies the pursuit of scholarly excellence

    16 April, 2024

  • Success Story: Jyldyz Abdyldaeva, Politics and Security '2017

    Jyldyz has been chosen as the prestigious CHEVENING Awardee for the 2023-2024 academic year. Currently, Jyldyz is pursuing her second Master’s degree in Gender and Development at the University of Sussex, Institute of Development Studies which has been ranked the world’s FIRST over the last 7 years

    28 March, 2024

  • Alumna of the Year 2023: Nuria Kutnaeva

    "I believe that digitalization of public administration will ensure transparency, reduce corruption and speed up all processes. Our goal is daily assistance to Kyrgyzstanis through digital services."

    19 March, 2024

  • Success Story: Shamsuddin Amin, Politics and Security '2020

    Shamsuddin Amin is alumnus of 2020, MA Programme in Politics and Security. Shamsuddin developed an impeccable agricultural and farming projects that helped many of his fellow countrymen:

    16 May, 2023

  • Success Story: Zarlasht Sarmast, Politics and Security '2021

    Being a young girl from Afghanistan herself, Zarlasht did a great job helping students from Afghanistan during the political regime change events in Afghanistan last year. Now Zarlasht is still doing her volunteering activities, working with the psycho-emotional well-being of students from Afghanistan, setting up two student clubs:

    3 May, 2023

  • Success Story: Alexandra Taskaeva, Politics and Security '2021

    Our newest graduate, Alexandra Taskaeva, Politics and Security ‘2021, talks about how, after graduating from the Academy, she continued to work in leading organizations around the world and worked her way up to job in Kuwait she is passionate about:

    24 April, 2023

  • Success Story: Ivana Vuchkova, Economic Governance and Development '2016

    Our alumna from North Macedonia, Ivana Vuchkova, Economic Governance and Development ‘2016, who has immense experience working in international developmental organizations, speaks about the importance of the OSCE Academy and the OSCE as a whole:

    12 April, 2023

  • Success Story: Aaron Joshua Pinto, Politics and Security '2017

    Let's start Alumni Spotlight 2023 with the story of our alumnus Aaron Pinto, Politics and Security ‘2017, who has managed to pursue a remarkable career in the public sector. Back in 2016 Aaron came from across Canada to gain unique knowledge and experience at the OSCE Academy:

    4 April, 2023

  • Providing a Chance for Better Future

    Anahita Saymidinova is alumna of 2012, MA Programme in Politics and Security from Tajikistan. Anahita helped to rescue 167 people from Afghanistan via the Tajik-Afghan border while Taliban forces took control of Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul in summer 2021. Below Anahita shares with us her unique experience:

    1 February, 2022

  • Educated youth – Bright Future of the Country

    Alimana Zhanmukanova is alumna of 2020, MA Programme in Politics and Security from Kazakhstan. Alimana initiated the project Discussion School RISE to study and discuss essential issues of Kazakhstan.

    25 January, 2022