Alumni Spotlight

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: From Intern to International Expert

5 May, 2020

Today we would like to tell you about Guzal Abdirazakova, an alumna of the OSCE Academy MA Programme in Politics and Security, class 2013. Guzal is working as a Monitoring & Evaluation and Knowledge Management Advisor for one of the biggest programmes - Promotion of Sustainable Economic Development of GIZ Kyrgyzstan. Following 2 months internship at the GIZ, within the OSCE Academy MA Programme, she was offered a job in the regional programme and was promoted to different positions ever since. Moreover, she has been co-lecturing “Development and regulations in the Mineral Resources Sector” module at the OSCE Academy for three years and acting as a guest lecturer for the Local Economic Development session. She uses every opportunity to come back to her alma mater and participate in round tables and workshops organized by the Academy.

Having worked for GIZ for more than seven years, last year she has taken her first step on the international career ladder. Considering her work experience, capacity and skills she applied for temporary international placement within GIZ in Cambodia. In a relatively short period of time, she was offered a contract for developing a monitoring system for the new regional project that works on Fostering and Advancing Sustainable Business and Responsible Industrial practices in the Clothing Industry in Asia particularly in Cambodia, Vietnam, Pakistan, China, Myanmar, Bangladesh.

Countries mentioned above are the main producers of all famous brands such as ZARA, GAP, MANGO, SPRINGFIELD, ADDIDAS, NIKE, H&M M&S etc. The project works closely with the factories that gather females across the remote areas of the countries and makes sure that they have decent working conditions that correspond to the social, environmental and economic sustainability standards. Guzal was the first M&E professional from Kyrgyzstan who was involved as an international expert. She has been coaching new-comers on Knowledge management issues, monitoring tools and aspiring colleagues interested in pursuing similar prospects as she does. Guzal is proud to be able to combine a successful career in the international organization with a healthy family life.

The OSCE Academy is proud of Guzal’s well-deserved success and wishes her more great accomplishments!


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