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ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Running toward Success

7 April, 2020

Our success story series continues with our next alumnus, Abdulvahhobi Muminjoniyon, (aka Bobby M. Hafiz) from Tajikistan. A week ago most Central Asia news portals wrote about a Tajik guy who ran 'balcony Marathon' during the lockdown in Vienna. Who was it? Bobby! A bit more on this below, first about his professional developments. He graduated from the Economic Governance and Development (EGD) Programme in 2019 where he also served as a president of the group. He was one of those who successfully completed the EGD program and got selected for an internship at the OSCE Secretariat in the 2nd dimension, Office of the Co-ordinator of Economic and Environmental Activities (OCEEA). During his studies, he was a part of the Start-Up Weekend Women Edition Bishkek organizing team and represented the OSCE Academy at One Young World in The Hague, Netherlands in 2018.

As of his experience in working for the UN Migration Agency, International Organization for Migration in Counter Human Trafficking department with a focus on prevention and countering of violent extremism - he was selected as a member of the Core Group of Experts (CGE) for the OSCE’s Perspectives2030 initiated by the Slovak Chairmanship. During CGE, he worked on the “Building Peace” section of the Perspectives2030 Discussion paper with other members of CGE. The final paper was presented in the OSCE-wide Youth Forum in October 2019, and during the 26th OSCE Ministerial Council in Bratislava, Slovakia. The discussion paper can be found at the following link:

Currently, Bobby is working as an Assistant at the office of the OCEEA, in OSCE Secretariat. As COVID-19 is changing our lives these days, the OSCE Secretariat workers are working from home as well. He is an active lover of running who was the first to initiate and bring together the runners at the OSCE Academy and participate in Running events of Bishkek. During lockdown in Vienna, Austria he decided to follow the challenge of the French runner, Elisha Nochomovitz from Toulouse and ran 42k on his balcony. The news about his run was shared via the local news in Tajikistan, and regional as “RFL and Current Times”. By doing this he wanted to let everyone know that we should not put our heads down, stand up and face these hard times together.


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